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Friday, November 7, 2014 — Save the Date! — Annual Fundraising Luncheon

The work of begins at the 4th grade and ends at the 12th grade. That’s 8 years of investment in thousands of young men and women since 1989! It is our mission to significantly increase the number of young women and minorities who are motivated, prepared for and enter science, technology, engineering and mathematics career fields.

Our programming is similar to the function and purpose of a LADDER (a structure for climbing up, a series of ascending steps or stages), moving children through various advancing stages to a successful future.

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Getting Involved
Minorities, Mathematics, Science and Engineering provides a variety of unique opportunities to support our mission. In kind support, event sponsorship, board membership and general financial support are all critical to our continued success.

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Involvement as a corporate partner of M2SE provides an excellent opportunity for your employees to be involved in volunteering for programs, activities, administrative responsibilities and strategic planning. Companies providing $5,000 or more in support are granted a board seat. All Companies are formally recognized for their efforts through out the partnership.

Every single person that gets involved in our mission can make a difference. Each of our unique programs and events require the support of non paid volunteers. M2SE needs not just your financial support, but the contributions of your unique talents and skills. Teachers, mentors, and role models make up the core of our organization.